lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2007

Great Sadomaster review on zmdb

Here an amazing review from Ehetyz in

Fun and sick
Sadomaster is pretty sick. Yeah, it is. Not very surprising considering the name and the storyline, not to mention the SRS cinema coverart. But sick how? Is it Ulli Lommel sick or fun and cool-kinda sick?

Luckily for us, it's the latter. Sadomaster is like toxic avenger with gore and perversion amped to the max. Blood flies freely, guts get munched with abundance and all kinds of hilarious sickness take place during the movies scant running time.

Technically Sadomaster isn't really cutting edge. There is no image filtering on the SOV image, the cinematography is lackluster, there are sound problems and the effects aren't very convincing.
But guess what? That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter simply because Sadomaster is so much fun. It has the right exploitation movie formula: keep something interesting happening all the time. That's where the movie succeeds;it's never boring. It's a constant barrage of sexual jokes, perversion and over-the top gore.

There is some underlying social commentary in the movie regarding the WTC attacks and their impact on the US society today, but it's really just underlying. It's never very heavy-handed, the main thing here is campy fun and splatter. It's not for everyone, there are some gringeworthy and definitely politically incorrect scenes (a retard being gayraped, necrophilia, a black baby getting pissed on... the list goes on :D) but, very much like the best Troma movies, with some strong-stomached friends and a pack of beer, this movie will surely entertain.

These retard-raping, oven-fucking nazis sure made my day! Recommended.

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